Specific Symbology and Corresponding Legend

Image Credit: Antonio Santiago

Image Credit: Antonio Santiago

Emergency planning and GIS have really become important these past years. At many agencies, knowing where resources are located can be important. The agency I work for had a very specific request, in that we needed a map book which displayed numerical symbols along with a corresponding legend.

It was a little tricky, but with some help from the net, I pulled together a process which so far has been working. In case you run into this same scenario, I put together some notes and screenshots in PDF to share.

UPDATE: Since the time I put these notes together, I’ve also taken advantage of ArcMap’s ability to only show those markers visible on the page. Eventually the number of shelters couldn’t fit in the designated place.

In addition, I also created an index of shelter addresses using the report creation feature, which is then appended to the end of the final map book PDF using a python script.